New songs, new patterns @ the Kings Arms

Bogart prefers anchors

Sweet Willy: Zigzags


Soundcloud/What Do You Know? EP

Head over to our soundcloud to hear a track of our upcoming digital only EP 'What Do You Know?' which will be coming out at some day... soon...probably.(Definitely). - Bogart



Nearly finished!!!


Humble Soul 5th Birthday 21 Jan 2012

Click the link below for a podcast of our latest show with Mog at AllFm
We played 'In the End' which is from the forthcoming album, and a new one called 'Electrically'...


Something To Look Forward To

Denis Jones | Gigs in Manchester | Hey! Manchester - alternative concert promotions in the rainy city

We are REALLY looking forward to playing this show!

Looking, with our eyes.

Through things.

FREE things.

come down and see what the fuck we are talking about @ The deaf institute October 15th 2011.